Tools to use to Grow your Online Company

The online industry has come a long way in recent years.  It started out using a simple e-mail campaign or maybe an ad in the phone book.  Those strategies are long gone. Finding and getting leads is an industry of itself.  There are people running sophisticated Facebook and Google campaigns to get leads. And, website design and SEO are huge players in the online game.  But, there are tools out there that help not only these professionals but the small business owner could try them out as well.


E-mail marketing isn’t just make up an e-mail and send it out.  Like was in the past. People now have complex e-mail marketing campaigns they run to get a better turn out.  These campaigns are strategically planned. Other e-mails go out according to the reaction of the recipient. If they open the e-mail, then an e-mail goes out, if not than email with a personalized message.   And, there are all kinds of various e-mail software that can be used to do this. Each, of course, has their strong and weak points. But, find one that you’re comfortable with and play around with it.

Tools for E-Commerce

And, if you’re into e-commerce there are many tools out there that can help increase your sales without breaking the budget.  These go along with the e-mail sequences we have already spoken about. Things such as Clickfunnels and Builderall are two great tools that can really drive up sales.  These tools are used to build sales funnels. Not sure what a sales funnel is? A sales funnel are simple landing pages that lead the client down the funnel. Offering up additional services for another purchase, things of this nature.  The software helps you build these funnels and incorporates things that will allow you to fill the orders, take payments and all kinds of other things that a website can do only in a more controlled environment.


People interested in Affiliate marketing can definitely use some of these tools of the trade.  There are several different affiliate marketing options out there. And, finding the right one that works for you is critical.  If you find a product that interests you or you find unique, you will talk about it more favorably than if it’s something general.  This will come through in your marketing efforts.


And, with e-commerce comes another question, what platform.  There are all kinds of done for your platforms that have the necessary components built in.  And, there are WordPress options as well, which one will be best for your particular product or service depends on a few factors.

SEO and Social Media Marketing

Hire or learn SEO, as it’s critical to any business in 2019.  SEO is a complex system. If you are a busy business owner, then hiring this might make more sense.  SEO changes all the time. The search engines want the best of the best on their searches to come up.  If you plan to do your own SEO, there are many courses and classes out there. Do what you are comfortable with and hire the rest.